Laravel, the PHP web framework, continues to evolve in 2023, bringing an array of new features that enhance the web development experience. In this article, we’ll explore these features in more detail to help you understand the benefits they offer.

1. Laravel 9 (Expected)

While Laravel 9 has not been officially released as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, it is anticipated to bring significant improvements to the framework. Developers can look forward to:

  • Performance Boosts: Laravel consistently seeks to optimize performance, and Laravel 9 is expected to be no exception. Faster response times and resource efficiency are likely outcomes.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is paramount in web development, and Laravel tends to introduce enhanced security features in each new release. Expect better tools to safeguard your applications.
  • Developer Experience: Laravel is renowned for its developer-friendly features. With Laravel 9, you can anticipate improved tooling, debugging options, and comprehensive documentation, making development smoother and more enjoyable.

2. Laravel Jetstream:

Laravel Jetstream, introduced in Laravel 8, is a major convenience for web developers. It offers:

  • Modern Stack: Jetstream provides a modern application stack setup, including a robust UI, authentication, and team management, enabling developers to kickstart new projects effortlessly.
  • Single-Page Applications (SPA): Jetstream integrates seamlessly with Livewire and Inertia for building SPAs, allowing developers to choose their preferred approach for creating dynamic web interfaces.

3. Laravel Livewire:

Laravel Livewire is a powerful tool for creating interactive components in your applications. The latest updates bring:

  • Simplified Interactivity: Livewire simplifies the development of dynamic interfaces without the need for complex JavaScript. It utilizes a straightforward syntax for creating components that respond to user actions.

4. Laravel Fortify:

Laravel Fortify is an essential package that complements Jetstream. It offers:

  • Authentication and Registration Logic: Fortify provides the backend logic and views required for user registration, login, and password reset features, saving developers time and effort.

5. Laravel Sanctum:

For API authentication, Laravel Sanctum is your go-to package:

  • Token-Based Authentication: Sanctum offers lightweight, token-based API authentication, making it easier to secure your API endpoints. It also supports token revocation and abilities for improved control.

6. Blade Component Updates:

Blade, Laravel’s templating engine, has been updated to offer:

  • Improved Component Tags: The latest Blade component updates include enhanced component tags for more versatile templating.
  • Controller Rendering: You can now render Blade components directly from controllers, streamlining your code structure.
  • Conditional Rendering: Blade now supports simplified conditional rendering for cleaner and more readable code.

7. Database Queries Made Easier:

Laravel continues to refine its Eloquent ORM and database query builder:

  • Model Factories: Building test data becomes easier with model factories, saving time during the development and testing phases.
  • Query Performance Improvements: Laravel’s database query builder has seen performance enhancements, making your database interactions more efficient.


Laravel’s latest features in 2023 promise to elevate web development, offering improved performance, security, and a streamlined development experience. Whether you’re an experienced Laravel developer or just starting out, these enhancements will make your web projects more efficient and secure.